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For Good Company is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization. For Good Company is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.

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 New Member

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PostSubject: New Member   Fri 06 Feb 2015, 22:06

So my name is Serena and I am from the frozen hell that is Long Island, NY. My PSN is TiredFoal and was brought here by Jonicite from GameFAQS.

About me... well I'm nothing special just so there are no surprises I am 4 years into gender reassignment and I'm... kinda self-conscious of my voice but I do have a great Headset and I will talk when I need to.

Anyway that about does it for me, hope to see you all at the tower soon.
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Location : Ontario, Canada
Join date : 2014-02-12
Posts : 136

PostSubject: Re: New Member   Sat 07 Feb 2015, 07:54

Welcome, someone should be by shortly to give you the full info about what you need to do. I'm on my phone or would do it myself
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Retired Officers Sp x2
Retired Officers Sp x2

Location : Cincinnati, OH
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PostSubject: Re: New Member   Sat 07 Feb 2015, 08:06

Welcome to 4GC.
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Colonel Sp x3
Colonel Sp x3

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PostSubject: Re: New Member   Sat 07 Feb 2015, 08:07

Hello and welcome to 4GC, Serena. You are now a recruit!!! So what happens next??

To become a full member, you will need to be vouched for. This just means that we meet you in-game and on-mic with one of our officers who will confirm that you are 21 years of age or older, and that you can communicate maturely. This will then place you on a one week probation period, and make you eligible for joining the in-game clan.

A mic is a requirement of full membership. It doesn't need to be fancy, you can pick one up for about $15, any bluetooth headset will do. It will not only get you vouched for but will help with team tactics, map callouts and increase your overall enjoyment of the game.

Have a look at the MAIN CONTACTS. To begin, send friend requests to:

Pro_Vantage ( General)
THANX4PLAYIN2DAY (Colonel sp x2 )
DGJH_10-30 (Colonel sp)
Djhurtado21 (Major sp)
Jaysmooth1987 (Major sp)
Emailfail (Major sp)
HotDogHoldTheBun (Lieutenant)
Deathdealer95338 (Sergeant)
Durty_equipmunk (Sergeant)
gibber_16 (Sergeant)
SgtSwagger1 (Sergeant)
BuletmagnetJONES (Sergeant)
peacamaker (Sergeant)
General-Po (Admin)

This should be done ASAP as these are the members who will vouch for you. Make sure you write 4GCr in the friend request so they know you are a recruit. Also change your clan tags to 4GCr so our members will know you are a recruit while in-game.

Check out the stickies in the new members area. They give information on our clan guidelines, code of conduct and other important information. Basically what you can expect from us and what is expected from you.

4GC is a fun community of like-minded, mature gamers and YOUR 4GC experience will be what YOU make it. If you meet 4GC members in a game lobby, send them a friend request!! If you have something to say or share, start a new thread in the forum or reply to existing topics!! If you're playing alone, don't be afraid to send out invites or ask for an invite to an existing party!! If you have any questions or need any help, just ask!! We have loads of members willing to help out!! Remember, we were all new once and the only stupid question is the one that doesn't get asked!!

So on behalf of myself and the rest 4GC, we wish you a very warm welcome and we hope you enjoy gaming with us!!

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PostSubject: Re: New Member   Sat 07 Feb 2015, 20:19

Welcome Serena!
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PostSubject: Re: New Member   Sat 07 Feb 2015, 20:37

Welcome to the family!
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PostSubject: Re: New Member   Sun 08 Feb 2015, 15:38

Welcome to 4GC
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Private 1st Class
Private 1st Class

Location : Chesapeake, VA
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PostSubject: Re: New Member   Sun 08 Feb 2015, 15:39

Welcome, feel free to add me and join our chat when available so we can beat down Crota or some other guardians!
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PostSubject: Re: New Member   

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